NW_PY041 Des Moines, IA Wed. Jan 19, 2022 USDA Market News Daily Central Region Breaking Stock ... (full story)

Airline flight schedules into and out of the U.S. are being disrupted by the rollout of 5G communications by AT&T (T ) and Verizon Communications (VZ ) near U.S. airports. There are fears that 5G could interfere with crucial aircraft safety systems. Japan Airlines said they wouldn’t fly their Boeing... (full story)

AL_LS600 Las Cruces, NM Wed Jan 19, 2022 USDA Market News Texas to Mexico Daily Livestock Exports ... (full story)

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WA_GR105 Washington, DC Tue Jan 11, 2022 USDA Market News Barge Grain Data (thousand tons) Week 1 Date Ending: 1/8/2022 LOCK Corn Wheat Soybeans Other Total MISS 15 0 0 0 0 0 MISS 25 50 2 18 0 ... (full story)

S&P 500 plunged to open the week – how fitting given the unfinished job in tech and Treasuries. The rising yields are all about betting on a really, really hawkish Fed – just how far are the calls for not 25, but 50bp hike this Mar? Inflation is still resilient (of course) but all it takes is some more hawkish statements that wouldn‘t venture out of the latest narrative line. (full story)

XtremeAg’s Lee Lubbers makes upgrades to his tender trailer and planter, while Chad Henderson tends to his wheat fields. LEE LUBBERS – GREGORY, SOUTH DAKOTA Lee Lubbers of Gregory, South Dakota, grew up in the farming tradition, and remembers... (full story)

RA_PY002 Raleigh, NC Wednesday, January 19, 2022 USDA-NC Dept of Ag Market News N.C. BROILER-FRYERS: The market tone is steady and the live supply is adequate to meet the moderate demand. Average weights are mostly desirable. The estimated slaughter for Wednesday in North... (full story)

Energy trading positions, directives, and guidelines are posted here for CLG, HOG, RBG, and NGG. Please click the above link to open our contributed technical analysis guidance report. (full story)

Oliver Sloup of Blue Line Futures gives technical and fundamental insight into the Corn, Soybean & Wheat Markets. (full story)

Laboratory tests confirmed two additional cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds in the coastal Southeast, said the USDA on Tuesday. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) said it anticipated still more findings “as... (full story)

Federally-funded programs that encourage low-income people to consume more fresh produce are having a positive impact on diets and the economy, according to an evaluation published on Tuesday. “These programs work,” said Amy Yaroch, the executive... (full story)

Responding to a “wildfire crisis” in the West, the Biden administration will double or even triple its efforts to thin forests and prevent fires that would threaten communities, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in Phoenix on Tuesday. The... (full story)

Is now the time to buy these three fintech companies? (full story)

MS_GR852 Minneapolis, MN Wed Jan 19, 2022 USDA Market News ***NOTICE: Starting next week all feedstuff market information found on this report will be condensed into three national feedstuff reports released on a weekly basis. The reports will be titled "National Animal By-Product... (full story)

MS_GR850 Minneapolis, MN Wednesday, January 19, 2022 USDA Market News National Feedstuffs Market Review **All prices quoted per ton unless otherwise noted** NOTICE: Starting soon all feedstuff market information found on this report will be condensed into three national... (full story)

Actionable ideas and risk management for Gold, Silver, and other metals . . . (full story)

Actionable ideas and risk management for Crude and other energies . . . (full story)

Actionable ideas and risk management for ES, NQ, RTY, rates, and more . . . (full story)

Carl Dodge speaks during a farmer panel at the 2022 Precisions Planting Winter Conference Sky high ag input prices are top of mind for most farmers right now, but new sprayer technology has one farmer hopeful for the future. Northeast Iowa... (full story)